Historical Overview


Historical Overview

21.05.2001    Granting of Banking operating license

10.07.2001    Establishment of the Bank

12.09.2001    Establishment of the subsidiary «Profinance S.A.»

01.11.2001    Establishment of the subsidiary «Probank Asset Management S.A.»

16.11.2001    Launching of the 1st branch - N. Irakleio

30.01.2002    Establishment of the subsidiary «Probank Autoleasing S.A.»

01.04.2002    Establishment of the subsidiary «Probank Leasing S.A.»

29.11.2002    Launching of the 20th branch - Peireas

19.12.2003    Share capital increase by €61,650,000, issuing 13,700,000 shares offered at €4.5 price

19.05.2004    Establishment of the subsidiary «Probank Insurance Brokers S.A.»

30.08.2004    Launching of the 40th branch - Kozani

20.02.2006    Launching of the 60th branch - Livadeia

26.07.2006    Share capital increase by €80,400,000 issuing 13,400,000 shares offered at €6 price

19.04.2007    Share capital increase by capitalization of share premium reserves of €6,844,639.2 distributing 2 new shares for every 10 held

12.11.2007    Launching of the 80th branch - Elliniko

28.12.2008    Launching of the «Landmark» 100th branch - Irakleio Crete

07.05.2009    Taking over of the 100% of the equity of the company ANTHOS Properties S.A. holding company of the building of 12,500 sq.m. office space at 74 Peiraios street in Moschato, aiming to base all head offices administration and subsidiaries.

14.07.2009    Share capital increase by €80,086,888.60 issuing 21,075,497 shares offered at €3.8 price

27.12.2010    Launching of the 108th branch - Charokopou

19.01.2012    Share capital increase by €106.7 mill. issuing 133.3 mill. shares offered at €0.8 price

28.05.2012    Launching of the Branch - Petroupoli. Capital enhancement actions: Rights Issues-Convertible Bond Offerings €150 mill., 5 Year Convertible Bond issue, €71.6 mill. Short term convertible Bond Issue.