PROBANK Leasing S.A.



Company Profile

PROBANK LEASING S.A. was established in 2002 and is a member-company of PROBANK Group. Its prime objective is to offer all the advantages of financial leasing and unique opportunities to our customers for all their investment and expansion plans.
The company was established in 2002 and its personnel consist of 21 employees while the total capital amounts to €22,713,252 corresponding to 7,571,084 shares.

Composition of Shareholders
Shareholder Number of shares Equity stake (%)
PROBANK S.A. 6,279,849 82.94
Others* 1,291,235  17.06
Total 7,571,084 100.00


*Other Shareholders: 17.06%. They consist of 43 both private individuals as legal entities, none of whom holds more than 4%.


Following approval decision No. 18064/2011 from the Attica Regional Governor, on 16.12.2011 the company absorbed the operating leases firm PROBANK AUTOLEASING S.A. to generate economies of scale, reduce operating costs and improve the financial results, thereby creating a new, more flexible and efficient company scheme.

The Company offers leasing services in all categories of movable equipment and real estate financial leasing, plus operating leasing for passenger vehicles and distributional rights - placing particular emphasis to the quality of its portfolio being organised effectively to achieve its objectives. Since 2011 the company attached particular importance to the renewable energy sources (RES) sector.