Notice Accounts


Notice Accounts

Reward your savings now, with high interest rates and an extra 10% on interest rate, as BONUS.

PROBANK offers a deposit account with high competitive rates combining the flexibility of a savings account with the high interest rates of a time deposit.

Notice Account is designed for customers that seek high yields for amounts over €10,000, also ensuring the availability of free withdrawals after giving a short notice of 8 or 35 days to Probank. 


  • Interest is earned on the whole amount.
  • Free passbook.
  • High tiered interest rates applied on the account balance. 
  • 10% BONUS* reward on interest earned.
  • Flexibility to make transfers or withdrawals after giving short notice of 8 or 35 days.
  • Interest credited on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • No restriction on deposits at any time, thus increasing immediately the yield on your reserves.  
  • Withdrawals through any PROBANK ATM or branch, or transfers through e-banking.
  • Credit card availability (subject to status) with no annual fees for ever, no charges whatsoever and free travel insurance.

*The Bank offers Bonus interest of 10% of interest earned, to accounts under the following conditions:

  • The customer has not given any notice for withdrawals within the interest earning period. 
  • The customer within the interest earning period has not withdrawn any amount nor has withdrawn amounts before the notice period has expired.