PROνοώ Savings Account


PROνοώ Savings Account

PROνοώ Savings Account is a modern retirement and savings solution, which offers unique benefits for you and the ones you care, such as:

  • Saving account with extra benefits, offering the highest return in your deposits.
  • A guaranteed pension for life or a capital guarantee, at the maturity of the program.
  • A starter capital that guarantees your children's deducation and their career start-up.


Other Benefits of PROνοώ Savings Account:

  • All the benefits of a traditional savings account with interest rates up to 3%.
  • Monthly build up of the capital to be accumulated.
  • Inflation capital protection via insurance premium automatic readjustment.
  • Significant annual tax reduction.
  • Reward program for the first two years of the insurance, which refunds part of the premium.
  • Generali's long lasting experience.

How it works:

  • Decide the amount of pension or future capital that you need.
  • Every month the premium is automatically debited from your savings account and simultaneously deposited to PROνοώ Insurance Program.
  • Μinimum monthly premium fee of €30.

Address to any Branch of PROBANK's nationwide network, where you can be fully informed of the programme's details.