Leasing & Procedures


Leasing & Procedures

Financial leasing is the transfer of the tangible asset’s usage right from the lessor to the lessee, against a certain fee for a certain time period in the form of a lease.

PROBANK LEASING finances every asset that a lessee needs for professional usage, like machinery, furniture, commercial and passenger vehicles, photovoltaic panels, inverters, real-estate properties (shops, offices premises, surgeries, factories, warehouses ), aircrafts etc.

  • PROBANK LEASING buys on clients’ behalf the selected assets.
  • The client pays at regular intervals (i.e. monthly or quarterly) a predetermined lease amount.
  • Upon maturity of the leasing agreement the lessee will pay a pre-agreed amount and obtain final ownership of the asset.


Leasing was introduced in Greece in two phases. In the first phase, Law 1665/1986 introduced leasing for moveable equipment for business use by the lessee. In the second phase, with Laws 2367/1995 and 2682/1999 leasing was expanded to other areas. Further amendments were made by laws 2753/1999, 3091/2002 and 3483/2006.