Types of Leasing


Types of Leasing

The following assets may be financed for PROBANK LEASING clients:


  • Furniture, machinery, computer, photovoltaic panels, etc.
  • Real estate properties for shops, offices, surgeries, factories, warehouses,  etc.
  • Commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, cranes, construction machinery, etc.)
  • Aircrafts, helicopters

Along with PROBANK LEASING executives, the client designs the program that best meets his personal needs.


Leasing for Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

PROBANK LEASING S.A, has entered the energy sector with a purpose to finance large Solar Parks, Biogas, Biomass and Wind parks with nominal power above 1MW.
Nowadays, PROBANK LEASING offers a financing scheme for smaller PV parks up to 100kw nominal power, small wind parks, biogas and biomass units up to 250 kw nominal power.
PROBANK LEASING ensures the financing of new investments in solar parks, which may be constructed either on rooftops of commercial buildings or in the fields. The program focuses mostly on SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises).

With this new financing service customer enjoys the following advantages:


  • 100% financing of the tangible equipment via PROBANK LEASING (PV modules, inverters, stable or mobile mounting systems, security system’s equipment, substation etc.)
  • Leasing matures up to ten years
  • Leasing instalment’s  payment by assignment to PROBANK LEASING of the F.I.T. contract
  • Brief and flexible procedures
  • Tax advantages (lease payments are regarded as operating cost and are tax deductible from customer’s tax book)   
  • Customer’s equity may be covered by a private loan through a special agreement with certain vendors, that the clients had chosen.
Operating Leasing

The  long-term leasing of passenger vehicles through AUTOLEASING service, can build a company's car fleet acquiring and also can acquire a full, modern fleet of passenger vehicles, in the models and types of its choice, at a minimum final cost, either for personal usage or for executives, partners , dealers, service teams , etc.


AUTOLEASING provides the lessees throughout the lease term with:


  • Initial License plates expenses.
  • Motor vehicle road tax fees.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover of the driver and the vehicle.
  • The full and regular service of the vehicle, in stations authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Tires replacement.
  • Road assistance service.
  • Car replacement on a temporary basis in case of mechanical damage or accident.
  • Certificate of exhaust fumes test.
Vendor Leasing

Is a three party’s collaboration amongst PROBANK LEASING, the lessee and the equipment vendor succeeding:


  • The direct customer’s service and finance
  • The offer of competitive fees and leasing financial terms
  • The direct payment of the equipments’ invoices, helping direct liquidity
  • The constant advice and support services, by proposing the best and most competitive financial solution
Sale & Lease back

Sale & Lease back: arrangement for any of client’s assets (buildings, machinery, etc) may be offered as an alternative means of a working capital to a certain point, combined with all tax benefits since leasing is considered a tax deductible expense.