Insurance Services


Insurance Services

We all should care on how to protect ourselves, our families, property and business in case of an unlike incidence.

We all can benefit from the added value in insurance offered by PROBANK insurance brokers Being an independent company PROBANK insurance brokers, aim to secure the best and most economical insurance policy tailored to your personal needs without promoting only one solution nor only one insurance agency.

PROBANK Insurance Brokers

  • first examine all possible local or international market offers
  • then choose and propose the best solution fitted to your needs


PROBANK insurance brokers cover with all the spectrum of the insurance services our private or corporate clients, the affiliate group companies and the bank itself offering personal service.

We will be more than happy to quote an offer, examining personally any of your insurance needs.

You may contact us at +30 - 210 - 48 43 166 or visit any of the PROBANK branches all over Greece.