Deposit Accounts



Sight Deposits
Sight Account


Ideal for the management of your business transactions, with significant benefits that cover all of your needs. In euros and in main foreign currencies.



  • Cheque-book.
  • Free Probank 24h - Debit MasterCard.
  • Charges-Free withdrawals from all other bank ATMs all over Greece where PROBANK is not present.
  • No handling fees.
  • PROBANK Visa with No annual fee.
  • Standing payment order or Automatic payments for Visa card.
  • Standing payment order or Automatic payments for loans.
  • Standing payment order or Automatic payments for public utilities/mobile telephony/internet providers etc.
  • Use of the DIASDEBIT Interbank System for payments to Organizations and Businesses.
Sight Account Profit


Offers interest rates scaled according to your account balance (and similar to the sight account benefits), as follows:


Balance €
Interest %
0 - 3,000 0
3,001 - 50,000 0.10
50,001 - 100,000 0.15
100,001 - 150,000 0.25
>150.000,01 0.35



Time Deposits

PROBANK offers you time deposit accounts with competitive interest rates, which vary according to the deposit period and the amount.



  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Payment of interest at maturity date.
  • Flexibility with early cash advance option.
  • Hustle free -Automatic renewal of the duration.
  • Your own choice of time period.
  • Flexibility on channelling amounts to other accounts upon maturity.
  • Choice of currency.
Notice Accounts

Reward your savings now, with high interest rates and an extra 10% on interest rate, as BONUS.


PROBANK offers a deposit account with high competitive rates combining the flexibility of a savings account with the high interest rates of a time deposit.


Notice Account is designed for customers that seek high yields for amounts over €10,000, also ensuring the availability of free withdrawals after giving a short notice of 8 or 35 days to Probank. 




  • Interest is earned on the whole amount.
  • Free passbook.
  • High tiered interest rates applied on the account balance.  
  • 10% BONUS* reward on interest earned.
  • Flexibility to make transfers or withdrawals after giving short notice of 8 or 35 days.
  • Interest credited on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • No restriction on deposits at any time, thus increasing immediately the yield on your reserves.  
  • Withdrawals through any PROBANK ATM or branch, or transfers through e-banking.
  • Credit card availability (subject to status) with no annual fees for ever, no charges whatsoever and free travel insurance.

*The Bank offers Bonus interest of 10% of interest earned, to accounts under the following conditions:


  • The customer has not given any notice for withdrawals within the interest earning period. 
  • The customer within the interest earning period has not withdrawn any amount nor has withdrawn amounts before the notice period has expired.